One small step for man, one giant leap for the future – We launched a photovoltaic farm

The idea to start using renewable energy has been present in our minds some time. Today comes the day when we can finally announce that photovoltaic farms have been erected next to our production facilities to power production processes. This is our step toward sustainability and energy self-sufficiency for the company.


Several months passed between the decision and the actual launch of our first photovoltaic farm. 444 solar panels were erected in May 2022 at Przemysłowa street, generating in total 200 kW.  The panels are located on 40 acres and divided into four zones. Thus we managed to replace about 10% of the electricity used by CNC machining centres with green energy.

The next action in our strategy was the expansion of installation by additional 110 panels erected at Tarnopolska street, generating 50 kW. We are able monitor the functioning of all systems in real time through online preview and manage them via an app.

Tomasz Kret

– The solar panels were commissioned only a few months ago, but it is enough for us to be sure it was a good decision. We want to continue on this path and expand our farm. We hope that more and more companies will make a similar choice – Tomasz Kret concludes.


– Day in, day out we create thousands of parts that improve the quality and safety of work for many people. We try to do it knowingly, also keeping in mind the future of next generations. Looking for solutions that reduce negative environmental impact and help make prudent use of resources is, as we believe, the domain of modern companies – says Felgenhauer CFO Tomasz Kret.

We opted for solar energy, otherwise known as green energy. Green energy is obtained in much more environmental-friendly way than when using other sources. Photovoltaic farms emit zero carbon dioxide, generate no waste and are an inexhaustible source of energy. Plus for our company green energy means independence from volatile electricity prices and the ability to work during power grid outages.

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