Felgenhauer 2021 supplier of the year for KION GROUP

We are pleased to announce to have been awarded the Supplier of the Year 2021 title by KION Group. For us, the award is the culmination of our long years of partnership with one of the largest manufacturers of material handling equipment, owner of such brands as Linde and Still.

– The way we communicate and cooperate reflects a very good partnership – these were the words in which the business relationship between KION Group and Felgenhauer were described at the gala. Delivering orders for the world’s leading forklift manufacturer proves that our paths meet even the highest, most stringent standards. This award is the recognition of the position we have established in the material handling industry by delivering thousands of reliable components on time.


We launch manufacturing forklift parts in 2011 and ever since been delivering them for vehicles operating in the world’s largest warehouses. This is made possible by maintaining the absolute quality of our products. We are aware that the comfort and safety of those who use the equipment on a daily basis depends on durability of our parts. To fulfil this task we pursue strict inspections, tests and we precisely verify dimensional conformity. We create our own tooling necessary to deliver a project and we make prototypes and initial samples of parts at customer’s request. All this to make sure that each item meets the predefined requirements.

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Thiscooperation started many years ago and has been made possible primarily through mutual trust and understanding. We are really proud of this – said CEO Wolfgang Felgenhauer when receiving the award.

KION Group is an international leader among manufacturers of forklifts and warehouse equipment. KION brands include Linde and Still, which are recognized and appreciated on many continents. Innovative solutions and unquestionable quality of the devices is the reason for their use in warehouses, factories and distribution centres of companies in more than 100 countries. We know something about it, because we use them ourselves.

This is an important distinction for us, earned by our entire team. Therefore let us take this opportunity and express our gratitude to all those working in production, logistics and customer service. It is your daily accomplishments that contribute to the collective success of Felgenhauer.

Thank you!

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