Felgenhauer Material Handling products can be found in equipment operated all over the world. We ensure end-to-end order implementation – from the concept to delivery of ready-to-assemble elements. We develop our own tooling, which helps us meet even the most demanding projects. We use welding robots that guarantee repeatability of batch production. Dimensions and workmanship are subject to detailed verification. Each of product features an aesthetic finish and is carefully protected against corrosion.

We manufacture parts that help operate world’s largest warehouses

Forklift chassis

Heavy-duty forklift chassis up to 5 meters long, with lifting capacities of up to a dozen tonnes.

Fork carriages

Manufactured in accordance with customer specifications. Ensure safe installation of forks. The largest carriages feature a lifting capacity of up to 9 tons.

Reach carriages

For extension and retraction of the forklift mast. Manufactured in a number of variants. They help save storage space.

Pallet truck chassis

Complete chassis with lifting capacities from 1.4 to 2 tonnes. Most often built with a battery trays, counterweight and forks (or legs).

Components for pallet trucks

Forks and counterweights. As a separate product or complete sets including chassis.

Masts and mast components

Masts and their components for forklifts featuring capacities of up to 9 tons and masts for automatic reach trucks.

Load guards

Numerous variants of load guards, mainly designed for carts with a lifting capacity of 1.5 to 3 tons.

Machinery stock

We offer a wide range of forklift and pallet truck parts, as well as complete chassis. They are manufactured using proven technologies that enable achieving precise shapes and dimensions of each element. All this to make sure that no failure to components is possible when operated under a heavy load. Each of the processes in Felgenhauer production facilities is tailored to the needs of our clients and their projects.

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