Products manufactured by Felgenhauer Mobility

We manufacture tram and railcar bodies as well as chassis.
We even work with tight dimensional tolerances.
Both the exterior and interior of the components we manufacture are subject to rigorous quality checks (endoscopic testing).

Structures for modern rail transportation.
Check out our reference implementations

Car bodies

Thousands of parts, along with the necessary fixtures for equipment and installations, are joined together by strong welds to form a 13.5-meter-long car body.


Detailed inspections at every stage of production of bogies.

Ultralight container rail cars featuring modules for transporting materials

A modern solution for rail freight transportation.

Locomotive bodies

Designed to run heavy freight trains.

Machinery stock

What makes our work distinguished is the unquestionable weld quality and innovative thinking.
We employ skilled workers, invest in modern technologies and keep abreast of changes in the industry.

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