Products manufactured by Felgenhauer Constructions

Resistant to external factors, stable and durable. Products of Felgenhauer Constructions are a guarantee of safe work in the most difficult conditions. Detailed quality tests help us ensure the class of our products – to guarantee conformity of dimensions with the design and evaluate every detail of the construction. The aesthetics of workmanship is just another important element. Parts shipped from our facility are fully finished, protected against corrosion and ready for assembly.

Structures ready for use on any construction site

Framework for tower cranes

Resistant to the effects of outside factors. Guarantee of work safety in difficult conditions.

Rotary towers

Intended for 50-tonne wheeled cranes. Stable and safe. Fit for work in various terrains.

Corner posts

Structural elements for building cranes. Thoroughly tested at every stage of production.

Machinery stock

Welding high-strength structural steel takes great skill and constant temperature control. So we employ the best specialists in our team and train to-be welders who know exactly how to make a weld with optimum parameters.

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