Products manufactured by Felgenhauer Steelworks

We deliver products for the power industry. Our core business involves projects for the mining and RES industries. We manufacture according to individual specifications, we advise on optimal solutions and work closely with customers at every stage of production.

Steel structures for the mining industry

Longwall support frames

Compatible with all longwall technologies in modern mining.


Suitable for work in the toughest conditions. Tailored to the type and size of rocks to be crushed.

Continuous transport systems for excavated material

Designed for transporting minerals
in outdoor conditions.

Structural components
of wheel loaders

Wheel loader components featuring a low centre of gravity and small turning radius.

Wind energy

Wind tower
equipment components

Internal and external equipment components for wind towers: railings, doors, platforms, bases for wind turbine generator converter.

Machinery stock

Many years of experience working with steel. We manufacture tolls necessary to deliver orders. Each of our products is inspected on regular basis, as their quality is our priority.

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