Konstantin Felgenhauer is joining the family business

It is official now! As one of the first representatives of the third generation of the Felgenhauer family, Konstantin will strengthen the ranks of our team.

We are delighted to welcome you and wish you that all possible challenges are turned into the success of Felgenhauer Group. We are counting on your expertise and fresh perspective.

‚We always try to emphasize the fact that we are a family business, and such news causes us joy and pride. It is good to know that new generations believe in what we do and decide to shape the future together with us. Konstantin, I am glad that you have joined us‘ says Wolfgang Felgenhauer.

Everyone knows that the best ideas are not born at a desk, so in the coming year Konstantin will have the pleasure of visiting all the departments in the company. He will get acquianted thoroughly not only with their work, but also with each person working there. You will always recognize him by his wide smile and positive attitude.

Konstantin, we welcome you to the Felgenhauer Group!

Konstantin, Ewald and Wolfgang Felgenhauer

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